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March / April

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Organic Freestone Peach Jam

Clif Family Organic Freest

$12 Retail Price
$10 Mangia! Price

Sweet and juicy goodness that grows on our Organic Farm in Napa Valley. We couldn’t resist jarring up the entire harvest which yielded us only 300 jars. This is a small batch preserve that is a MUST-HAVE for your pantry.
Fancy up your next sandwich – try ciabatta with prosciutto, mozzarella, and Freestone Peach Preserves. Or surprise your dinner mates when you dollop these Peach preserves on a juicy pork tenderloin. Or use it for a fun-filled dessert.

Organic Meyer Lemon Marmalade

Clif Family Organic Meyer Lemon Marmalade

$12 Retail Price
$10 Mangia! Price

This is sunshine in a jar! Add some tart and sweet flavors to your breakfast, cheese board, or main dish.
Get inspired with an easy recipe that will enhance your everyday – Meyer Lemon Salsa Verde. This zesty “salsa” could be slathered on a loaf of fresh, warm bread for a meal in itself. Or dollop generously on fresh salmon, halibut, or roasted chicken. Your main squeeze will be delighted.

Organic Rosemary Almonds and Pistachios


$9 Retail Price
$8 Mangia! Price

Salty and savory, THE perfect nut mix for your cocktail hour. Pop the cork on your favorite red wine and Mangia! Or, tuck it in your daypack for luxurious nutrition on the go.
For some culinary inspiration, we’ve got a yummy dip you must try: Rosemary Roasted Almond and Pistachio Green Olive Tapenade.

Solar Grown Hibiscus Honey Spread

Clif Family Solar Grown Honey

$10 Retail Price
$8.50 Mangia! Price

Sustainably produced honey that beautifully captures the essence of desert hibiscus flowers and bright sweet fruit.
Lavish this honey on your next yogurt bowl to go from ho-hum to wow! This lovely color will also brighten up your cheeseboards. Or savor a moment of downtime, brew a cup of tea, and add a spoon of sweetness.